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Getting exposure to your audio tracks doesn’t have to be hard. Kick-start your new Soundcloud uploads with a steady stream of Soundcloud plays. Buying Soundcloud plays are a great way to increase your momentum on Soundcloud.

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Why customers think we are awesome than our rivals?

With Virakl Kick, you'll get more than you paid for. Here is a list of the benefits we offer when you buy SoundCloud plays.

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Why customers think we are awesome than our rivals?


Low and Competitive Prices

Getting exposure on new tracks and new audio projects is hard. The fact that you’ve decided to use Our SoundCloud plays price list is well-researched comparing it against our toughest competition. It has undergone various user evaluations to test whether pricing is reasonable with the quality of service. But we always push the bar lower for you with regards to price.


Play Retention (redeliver drop-offs)

For instances of drop-offs, Virakl Kick is open to redelivery of SoundCloud plays. Just give customer support a shout out.


Whitelabel Account for Resellers

When you sign up to the client portal and qualify as a reseller, you get the chance to use a ready-made professional portal (of Virakl Kick) that is 100% rebrandable to offer to your own clients, free of charge. Use own logo, company name and set your own SoundCloud plays prices.


Percentage of real and active users

We don't only deliver inactive accounts but also active accounts from our partner social media exchange communities. These websites host thousands of social media users that are open to helping each grow their social connections.


Monthly discounts and promos

We make no guarantees. The listeners we send may not be specifically interested in what you have to offer. Use our service to boost your credibility and to kick-start your campaign, not as absolute end-all to marketing your audio files.


Free Social Media Marketing PDF's

Selling is not our only goal in offering Twitter services, we constantly give updates about social media marketing on our blog. In addition, Virakl Kick is fond of creating PDFs or eBooks about Twitter, Pinterest marketing etc. It is our way of helping you manage your social media campaigns after buying SoundCloud plays

Leave Good Impression

Do you want people to know you are worth more than accidental views? That happens you know, when video titles deceive viewers to click and watch the video. But when you get YouTube likes, you get extra credibility boost since it will give the impression that your video is well liked by the viewing community. Views plus likes is a power combo to leave a good impression.

Ripple Effect

When you get likes, it is natural to expect to get YouTube likes as well. What if nobody clicks the like or the thumbs up button? People on the onset will think that your video was not that positively received by the viewers. But when you get likes to complement views, you will experience the ripple effect, meaning what follows next is people commenting and subscribing to you.

Get a Record Deal

Every music artist wants to be famous and would always hope for a record deal. SoundCloud is one of the top destinations for aspiring musicians to be heard. The way SoundCloud works, you need to get SoundCloud plays to stand out, which is why some artists opt to buy SoundCloud plays just to gain a competitive advantage over others wanting to close a record deal.

Promote Your Sound

If you want people to notice you on SoundCloud, you need to put more effort into promoting your audio tracks. But getting at least a thousand plays on SoundCloud will take months or years. If you want fast track promotion, try buying SoundCloud plays. Draw people to your tracks through the plays you bought and soon the number of your listeners will grow.

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