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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of buying Youtube views from the US?

Similarly to normal views, country specific views put your video in front of a localized audience. Typically, companies and brands looking for location specific exposure – such as local celebrities and local businesses are more suited for these views.

How do I know I'm actually getting USA views?

Youtube has a video analytics component with which you can verify. It has data on the location of the viewers. This data can also help you to make other decisions. Maybe you'll see a surge of traffic from a specific region or city and decide to create more videos for those viewers.

Will it take longer to deliver the views?

Yes, because our traffic sources are less available than the regular views which come from a worldwide audience, it takes a little longer. For exact timeframes please note the delivery times on the packages and on your order confirmation email.

Will viewers subscribe, comment and rate my video with this service?

Yes, thousands of other video creators are doing this. It's a simple marketing strategy to build credibility. If you have an awesome video, it will help kickstart your campaign. If you content isn't awesome then think twice before buying views.

Why is it more expensive?

Because it takes longer and the demand is much higher, overall it's harder and more expensive for us to produce and deliver, so it's reflected in the price.

Get America Watching

Statistics show that half of YouTube's viewing audience comes from the US and that these viewers are the most interactive and likely to exhibit the practice of online buying compared to other countries. When you buy targeted YouTube views, you have the chance to belong with the idols that America looks up to and support. How would you like that?

Boost Media Status in USA

Do you know that most viewers most likely to refer your video to their friends are from the US? America is composed of people who always look for something new and fresh to go viral worldwide. So if you want to boost your status on YouTube and get USA sharing your videos, then you better start buying USA targeted YouTube views for a kick-off.

Targeted Promotion Efforts

Promoting your stuffs may it be a product, service, talent or skill, is quite hard especially if you have to cater people from around the world. You have to adjust and learn each of their preferences. But when you buy USA targeted YouTube views, all you have to think of is to please viewers from the US alone and focus on that one single market.

Rank Easily on YouTube

When most of your viewers are from one location, YouTube will see that you are targeting a specific localized community. YouTube will then decide to rank you high when people from USA search for videos like yours. You will be seen as the most relevant result due to the targeted USA YouTube views you've been getting and you'll be visible to the US viewing community.

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