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Viral Kick already helps thousands of artists and business owners by getting their YouTube videos go viral.

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Buy YouTube Views Service FAQ


What are the common reasons people buy YouTube views?

Status and fame are the most common reasons why people purchase YouTube views. They see that people are more inclined to watch videos when they see that those videos get more views on YouTube. Compared to those with less video views, even you would prefer to watch a video with more views.


Don't you think it's unethical to purchase YouTube views?

For some it is unethical but, then again, for some it's just a plain YouTube marketing strategy. What marketing does not have a grey area? When you increase YouTube views through a purchase, it is merely like an advertising headline that draws you to check out the product. When you do not like the product, you don't need to buy it. It's like that when you promote YouTube video through a YouTube views increaser, the number is only the icing but it is the cake (the video) that will determine whether one should like to eat it (watch it).


Do I need to give my YouTube account and password to your company?

No, you don't need to. When you are buying YouTube views, you only need to give us the YouTube video URL where you want video views to be delivered. We run a YouTube promotion service that values account privacy of users when they purchase YouTube views.


When I avail of the YouTube service, does that mean I'm getting YouTube views from real people?

The truth is we deliver views using inactive accounts on YouTube. We offer real YouTube views as well as artificial views meant to push viral video marketing up without the necessary waiting period. Real YouTube views are possible through our extensive lists of networks from several social media exchange communities.


Why does your website say that you supply a percentage of real views?

As mentioned, we collaborated with social media exchange platforms that allow us to post your videos for exposure. However, only a considerable percentage is delivered because of the time required in getting more YouTube views through this method and the rest is through inactive accounts.


Why are you selling cheap YouTube views?

Cheap YouTube views do not refer to the quality but to the price of the packages we have. The price is cheap because we have been in the social media industry for too long and have acquired a massive database of contacts in online marketing that makes it easy for us to get more YouTube views, inactive or real.


Does your company offer courses on how to get YouTube views?

No, we do not offer courses. We are not that type of social media marketing service. However, we offer free eBooks. Learn how to get YouTube views, YouTube favorites, YouTube likes, YouTube comments and YouTube subscribers through our Viral Kick blog.


When will I receive all my views?

Each package you order has corresponding delivery schedules. When you buy video views on YouTube from us, we will start delivering your order within 24 working hours or sooner but we will send views in increments until the indicated schedule of the campaign.


Will YouTube suspend my account if I buy YouTube views?

No, they will not ban your YouTube account when you buy YouTube subscribers, views or comments. However, there have been instances that our clients' YouTube videos have been taken down because of inappropriate content. It Is because of the sudden attention the video receives during the attempt to increase your YouTube views that such content caught the wary eyes of YouTube. In that case, Viral Kick is willing to redeliver the views once the video is adjusted and reuploaded.


Who should I talk to when I have issues on my order?

You can call us anytime. You can also chat with our agents via the live help. We not only know how to increase YouTube views but also take care of you. That is how we value our clients. We are with you from guiding you how to buy YouTube views to giving advice and tips on YouTube marketing.


Can I buy cheap YouTube views when I order in bulk packages?

If you want to buy more YouTube views beyond what our packages offer, Viral Kick can offer you the opportunity to buy YouTube views cheap by setting the price lower when you sign up to our client portal and qualify as a Reseller, where we offer 20% discount to all Viral Kick services regardless of quantity.


Does your 100% money-back apply to a 3-month-old order?

Unfortunately, we only offer a 60-day money back guarantee. When you experience drop-offs after the said period, just call our customer support to see what we can do about your circumstances. When you purchase YouTube views and you experience significant number of drop-offs, contact us immediately to remedy the problem. In place of a 100% refund, we can redeliver more views on YouTube to replenish the views lost from your video.


How to get YouTube views with discounts for non-resellers?

Getting more YouTube views without qualifying as a Reseller is possible. You can even get more YouTube subscribers through our monthly promos. Buy views on YouTube less than original price via contests, discounts and freebies. Through these, you can already get YouTube videos views lower than the other YouTube view increaser out there.


Do you offer YouTube likes as well?

Viral Kick does not only offer YouTube video views. You can buy YouTube likes and buy YouTube comments, buy favorites, buy subscribers or buy them in a bundle. This would help your overall viral YouTube promotion.

Leave Good Impression

Do you want people to know you are worth more than accidental views? That happens you know, when video titles deceive viewers to click and watch the video. But when you get YouTube likes, you get extra credibility boost since it will give the impression that your video is well liked by the viewing community. Views plus likes is a power combo to leave a good impression.

Ripple Effect

When you get views, it is natural to expect to get YouTube likes as well. What if nobody clicks the like or the thumbs up button? People on the onset will think that your video was not that positively received by the viewers. But when you get likes to complement views, you will experience the ripple effect, meaning what follows next is people commenting and subscribing to you.

Increase Rankings

YouTube likes if you must know is one of the ranking factors that YouTube considers when ranking video on search results. Likes are like representation of votes from the viewing community that speaks about how popular your video can become. If you want a fast track way rank, try to buy YouTube likes. Invest in the most affordable way to move up the search results.

Online Exposure

How can YouTube likes provide your video online exposure? When you buy YouTube likes, you are already halfway convincing people that you are credible and trustworthy. When that happens, people would gladly share you to their social network and other online connections. Online connection is pretty much coveted my video owners, especially now with Google universal search.

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