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We offer you a full refund, which means that if we fail to deliver then the deal is off. Just send us a message if you want a refund and we will oblige, no questions asked. Call our skilled and very friendly customer support team regarding refunds or check the refund policy on our site.

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Want more followers on Twitter? Viral Kick shows you how it works


Most people who want to buy Twitter followers, YouTube views and a host of other social media services are aiming for online visibility. They are realistic about what they can and cannot do on the internet given only the talent they have and the value they can give to their target market.

As a marketing company, Viral Kick understands your pain, as well as everybody else's'. We too struggled with the tough competition and the overflowing rivals popping up every day. But we believe that everyone is entitled to a fighting chance to prove their worth to their audience. Buying Twitter followers and YouTube views is an opportunity to do that.

How it works?

The process is simple. You give us the necessary credentials (email address, account URL/username) and proceed to check out. You will immediately get an email confirming your order placement with the order details you inputted.

After that, our marketing team will process your order and send you the first batch of the supply after 24-48 hours and the rest of the supply will follow by increments, meaning by random batches (it could be 3000 for day 1, 1000 for day 2 and so on). You can see a boost in your account from the first 24-48 hours of your purchase.

Once all the supply has been delivered on the time indicated of the service package you have chosen, an email will be sent to notify you of the order completion.


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Safe and effective method

Viral Kick does not only deliver inactive accounts but also accounts from real people. How is that possible? We have several tie ups with social media exchange platforms/communities that register real social media users looking for a follow for follow or view for view kind of thing. Their huge active membership allows for a fast and easy supply of followers, views etc.